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Design Thinking Method Training

You want to develop user-oriented ideas for new products, processes or services? Do you want to grow together with your team quickly and better? Then design thinking is your tool of choice!

Frequently asked questions

Here you can find all information about the Design Thinking Training!

How does a Design Thinking training run?

Our Design Thinking training is oriented towards the 6 Phases of Design Thinking. You will not only learn about this famous iterative process for more success in your professional life in theory - you will also experience the method first-hand in our interactive and lovingly designed workshop:
  • Understand: What exactly comprises the problem you want to solve?
  • Observe: Find out what your customers need.
  • Define: Focus on specific problems you wish to solve.
  • Developing ideas: Together we develop ideas to solve the specific problem.
  • Prototyping: Then we create a prototype.
  • Testing: Does the idea you developed work in practice? Have your ideas tested and get valuable feedback.
We make enough breaks and of course also convey the fun of the method, the digital teams more successful in the long term.

Why Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is highly user-centered. This is because the cyclically repeated approach means that teams and decision-makers are always involved in all critical development steps. As a result, the Design Thinking method leads to greater satisfaction because it is not introduced "top-down" or "on cue". Whether it is product development or the solution to a specific problem, the result tested in the market has a lasting positive influence on the satisfaction of the respective customer group.

Is design thinking an agile method?

Yes, Design Thinking is actually one of the most well-known agile methods. Generating ideas with Design Thinking is a stringing together of several dynamic process steps. The agile nature of design thinking leads to solutions that work in the real marketplace, not just on paper.
It is not a linear, concrete process that can be completed in two days.


When does the Design Thinking training take place?

The next Design Thinking Training will take place on November 22 2023 from 9:30 - 17:30 at the Casino Futur in Bremen will take place. To register, please use the contact form below. We are offering 15 places: Book your place as early as possible to guarantee your participation.

How much does the Design Thinking training cost?

There are two ticket categories available for purchase for those interested. Students, people with disabilities, job seekers, and pensioners are entitled to a discount. If you want to know whether you are also entitled to a discount, contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Regular: €450,- incl. VAT*.
  • Reduced: (incl. students): €150,- incl. VAT*.

*No surcharges: These participation fees include food for the day and all expenses and taxes for on-site events.

What you will learn

You will learn:
  • How the design thinking process works and which methods lie behind it
  • How to find out the true needs of your customers and target groups
  • Who are the ideal users of your services and products?
  • How to develop ideas and prototypes for new services, products, or processes
  • How to test prototypes
  • How to quickly get into value-creating and value-appreciating work together with your team
  • How to develop a vital purpose with your team and sustain the shared vision

The Design Thinking Experts of the QLab

Andrea and Patrick are looking forward to the workshop with you!

Patrick Runge, QLab: We build the foundation of your one-stop-shop within a week. We make remote teams happy and successful.

Patrick Runge

Project Management, Business Development

Patrick Runge graduated in International Entrepreneurship, Management & Marketing. Already in mid-2021, he brought his interest in disruption, innovation, and sustainability to our first QLab Sprint.

As a project manager, Patrick prepares our various projects and accompanies the processes. In addition, he shares responsibility for business development at QLab itself. His goal is to advance holistic and sustainable solutions in communities and cities.

Andrea Kuhfuss, QLab: We build the foundation of your one-stop-shop within a week. We make remote teams happy and successful.

Andrea Kuhfuss

CEO, Co-Founder
+49 (0) 179 149 6880

Andrea Kuhfuss is a traveler between different professional worlds. Her path led her from a background in art history to innovation consulting. She creates networks and connects the perspectives of a wide variety of people. Andrea is an inquisitive generalist who loves sharing her knowledge and supporting individuals, teams, and organizations to reach their full potential. Andrea is an expert in innovation, design thinking and agile working. She travels as a facilitator, speaker, coach and trainer in Germany and abroad. She is convinced that only by working together in multidisciplinary teams can we find creative solutions to personal, societal and global problems.

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