Working in the QLab

Participate as a specialist in the upcoming InnovationSprints and become part of a curious and creative team. 

You will be able to work intensively on a design challenge related to recruiting and securing qualified international female professionals in IT companies. No special expertise in this area is required!

Check back later!

Unfortunately, we do not have any vacancies at the moment. As soon as we are looking for dedicated junior staff again, you will find out here!

Do you want to join the team?

What we need from you:

Step 2: Expertise in the digitization of municipal utilities


QLab offers female professionals worldwide, from UX design, software development, app design and development, IT security, etc., the opportunity to work intensively on a design challenge related to recruiting and securing qualified international female professionals in IT companies.



You are a team player, curious, visionary, self-disciplined, reliable, and result-oriented. You speak English well and with pleasure. Find out more under your profile.



You have time and desire to dedicate yourself to our next challenge from September 05 - October 11 (five weeks/40 hrs./week)? Then we look forward to receiving your application via our application portal.

In phase 1 of agile project management, it's called "explore".

Your profile

You are inquisitive and believe you can have a positive impact. You want to make a difference in our world and create a sustainable future for all.

As a proactive person, you can relate to different perspectives and take in the views of others. With both feet firmly on the ground, you are ready to work as part of a team to develop and implement visions for the future.

In the QLab you will:

  • be accompanied by people with many years of experience in innovation, agile working practices, and sustainability.
  • receive valuable suggestions from experts in various fields. 
  • Part of a network dedicated to sustainability.
  • learn and experience new methods.
  • receive appropriate remuneration.
  • receive a certificate of attendance.


✨ Sounds good? Then come to the QLab!
If you like, your journey to a more sustainable world starts here and now. Pack your bags, put on your running shoes, and join your fellow travelers on the road to a sustainable future! An exciting topic, an inspiring network, and fair compensation await you.


Your application to the QLab Think Tank

We look forward to receiving your application, work samples or references, and most importantly, your personal story and why you want to work at QLab. We will accept your application through our application portal until July 16, 2023. You will hear from us on July 18, 2023 when we invite you for an interview onJuly 25, 2023.

Please note: Our get-to-know-you meetings will occur online on July 25, 2023. Since we are reaching out to curious people worldwide, we are working online. So you will need your computer.

How we work

The QLab InnovationSprint

In the QLab, visionary minds deal with our client's specific challenges. We develop user-oriented and sustainable ideas for new business models, services, or processes based on trends, technologies, and market requirements. 

💡By the way: You can find the results of our previous projects in our Case Studies.

At the first meeting, we get to know our team members and discuss our customers' challenges. A good briefing ensures a good start.

We get to know our customers. They will share their expertise and vision with us.

With our weekly meetings, we keep the team up to date.
  • What has happened so far?
  • What will happen in the next week?
  • Where do we need the support of our client?
  • Do we meet our clients' needs?
  • Do we need to iterate?
At the end of the process, we will present ideas for solving our client's challenge and a roadmap for how to move forward and how we can support their implementation process.

The agile mindset

We follow these important steps of agile work:

In phase 1 of agile project management, it's called "explore".


We provide an overview of the status quo, trends, technologies, and markets regarding the challenge our client tackles.

In phase 2 of agile project management, the name of the game is "design


We open the door to possible solution spaces and develop tangible ideas to solve our client's problems.

In phase 3 of agile project management it is called "Evaluate


We check prototypically whether our solution approaches are desired, and economically, sustainably and technically feasible. Based on this, we develop a roadmap for the further procedure for you.

Phase 4 of agile project management is all about the "Implementation"


Our experience shows that the organization needs decision-makers to drive the process forward. We are happy to support our client in this process as well.

May we introduce ourselves?
The QLab Team:

We are the QLab Team! We are supported by numerous external cooperation partners who assist us with their expertise.

Boris Gloger, QLab: We build the foundation of your one-stop-shop within a week. We make remote teams happy and successful.

Boris Gloger

CEO, Co-Founder

Boris Gloger is the maestro of agile working. He puts his heart and soul into establishing forms of learning that empower students to learn proactively, organize themselves, and ask the right questions.

Boris is an organizational developer and management consultant who is not afraid to implement visionary ideas. As a passionate cyclist and train traveler, he is convinced that we can create a sustainable future through appropriate mobility solutions.
Andrea Kuhfuss, QLab: We build the foundation of your one-stop-shop within a week. We make remote teams happy and successful.

Andrea Kuhfuss

CEO, Co-Founder
+49 (0) 179 149 6880

Andrea Kuhfuss is a traveler between different professional worlds. Her path led her from a background in art history to innovation consulting. She creates networks and connects the perspectives of a wide variety of people. Andrea is an inquisitive generalist who loves sharing her knowledge and supporting individuals, teams, and organizations to reach their full potential. Andrea is an expert in innovation, design thinking and agile working. She travels as a facilitator, speaker, coach and trainer in Germany and abroad. She is convinced that only by working together in multidisciplinary teams can we find creative solutions to personal, societal and global problems.
Patrick Runge, QLab: We build the foundation of your one-stop-shop within a week. We make remote teams happy and successful.

Patrick Runge

Project Management, Business Development

Patrick Runge graduated in International Entrepreneurship, Management & Marketing. Already in mid-2021, he brought his interest in disruption, innovation, and sustainability to our first QLab Sprint.

As a project manager, Patrick prepares our various projects and accompanies the processes. In addition, he shares responsibility for business development at QLab itself. His goal is to advance holistic and sustainable solutions in communities and cities.

Finn Faust, QLab: We build the foundation of your one-stop-shop within a week. We make remote teams happy and successful.

Finn Faust

Research, Blog, Web design

Finn Faust studies psychology at Leiden University and social science at LU Honours College. He is passionate about traveling and following his vision to develop sustainable solutions for local and global human connectivity.

Finn has completed the advanced training Content Strategy for Professionals at Northwestern University and is a design thinker and storyteller. With his notorious curiosity and methodological knowledge, he is responsible for our scientific research, web design, and the QLab blog.


Questions? Feel free to contact us!

Design Thinking Method Training

Online Workshop | QLab Think Tank GmbH

Language: German

Price: €450,- (€150,- for students)

08 June 2023
09:30 - 17:30

Casino Futur, Bremen

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