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Below you will also find a detailed FAQ with answers around the topics of design thinking, agile work, and why the QLab is your first point of contact regarding innovation.


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We are an innovation consultancy and develop future-proof solutions for the digitalization of municipal utilities and digital teams in an agile manner.

  • We combine agile working, a wide variety of innovative methods and futurology into a holistic approach that helps you find solutions to your issues quickly.
  • We put you in contact with potential new customers and project partners through expert interviews.
  • We put you in contact with young professionals whom we have met in person.
  • We train you and your colleagues in innovation and agility.

Design thinking is a process that uses creative methods and techniques to solve problems and develop innovations. It is about taking the user's perspective and developing solutions quickly through iteration and prototyping. Design thinking is an interdisciplinary approach that can be used for product design as well as for solving business problems.

Design thinking involves an iterative process that takes place in six phases:
  • In the first three phases (understanding, observing, and defining the viewpoint), one deals intensively with the so-called design challenge - the problem to be solved - and approaches the actual needs of the potential users and customers.
  • As a problem expert, you move into the so-called solution space (finding ideas, developing prototypes, testing). In brainstorming, you collect a variety of ideas for solving the problem and then evaluate and prioritize them.
  • You then develop a prototype from the prioritized idea, which can be a concept, a wireframe, a cardboard or Lego model, customer journeys, or role plays. The important thing is to produce the one prototype to make things discussable. Your customers test the prototype, and the feedback feeds into the iteration process.

Agile working is a project management approach in which the planning and implementation of projects is oriented to customers' constantly changing requirements. It uses methods such as Scrum, Kanban or Design Thinking. 

Agile project teams work in short iterations, so-called sprints, and adapt the project to changing requirements in each sprint. This enables faster implementation of projects and greater flexibility compared to traditional project management approaches.

A One-Stop-Shop is a digital place where all information about products and services on relevant topics, such as sustainable energy supply, is available around the clock. Once set up, your One-Stop-Shop acts as an information hub in both directions. Customers can be kept up to date with the latest trends and news while you have access to smart new talent.

The QLab PowerWeek is conducted in analog or digital form with colleagues from your organization. The team is set up across departments so that all competencies are involved from the start. The goal is to develop the foundation for your company within one week—a one-stop shop for your company. Interviews with customers provide important input about their needs and problems that we want to solve with the one-stop shop. Participants experience the impact of agile and collaborative working across departmental boundaries. In the QLab InnovationSprint, we bring you into contact with junior employees who develop solutions for your questions around the topic of 'energy transition' during a five-week sprint. In this sprint, we need you as a sparring partner and feedback provider. A case study based on trends, technologies, and market research will be made available with concrete suggestions for the next steps at the end of the project.

In the QLab PowerWeek, you work with your colleagues for 40 hours on a problem and have a concrete result at the end of the week that you can test and develop further. You will experience how agile and cross-departmental work works and can integrate what you have learned into your everyday work.

The QLab InnovationSprint is interesting for you if you need an overview of trends, technologies, and market requirements for your question. In addition, the QLab team develops solutions for your challenges together with experts. Potential junior employees for your organization will be trained in the area of agility and innovation during the sprint and can implement the results.

Young talent wants an inspiring, innovation-focused work environment in which they can work effectively for the energy transition. We show you how such an environment can be created, how to work in such an environment in a goal-oriented and collaborative manner, and what a communication strategy must look like to attract new colleagues to your organization. We support you in attracting young talent through a target group-oriented approach. 

We put you in touch with young talents who have gone through our application process and are being trained as part of our Innovation Sprint. You can also use our Young Talents Pool, where you can find your employees of the future.

Our QLab Sprint starts with a question that we develop together with you before the start. This question guides us through the sprint and helps us to keep the focus. At the same time, the results-oriented but open-ended approach allows us to develop several solutions that can be implemented in your organization in the short, medium, or long term. A case study based on trends, technologies, and market research are provided to you with concrete suggestions for next steps to complete the project.

Design Thinking Method Training

Online Workshop | QLab Think Tank GmbH

Language: German

Price: €450,- (€150,- for students)

November 22, 2023
09:30 - 17:30

Casino Futur, Bremen

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