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A digital information platform for your customers

You are the professionals in the energy transition - show how and why!

Gain the trust of your customers and benefit from

sustainably through your one-stop-shop, a digital information and networking platform.

Digitization of municipal utilities

Municipal utilities are essential players in the energy transition. To ensure a reliable, sustainable, and innovative energy supply, they need the trust of their customers and the know-how of young professionals.

To further expand this trust in their services and attractiveness to young professionals, municipal utilities must make their services and knowledge visible and usable.

This can be achieved through a one-stop-shop. In this digital place, all information about products and services on topics such as sustainable energy supply is available around the clock.

What is a one-stop-shop?

A one-stop-shop is a digital place where all information about products and services on relevant topics, such as sustainable energy supply, is available around the clock.


Once set up, your one-stop-shop acts as an information platform in both directions. Customers can be kept up to date with the latest trends and news while you gain access to smart new talent.


We build the foundation of your one-stop-shop in just one week.

Advantages of a one-stop-shop

As an interface, the One-Stop-Shop binds customers to your organization and makes you the first point of contact: Keep them informed about energy prices and the reliability of your energy network. Use our digital interface to inform your customers about your energy and mobility services and current local offers.

You are driving the local energy transition daily and are, therefore, also a pioneer in this field: Share your expertise and provide your customers with comprehensive information about investing in solar energy and alternative heating methods. The commodity business is declining - and you can offer services that help citizens become prosumers. Address the most important questions of your target group.

Informing about a new service via push notification or promoting local celebrations? Among many other possibilities, these are approaches your one-stop-shop can use to reduce costs.

Show that your municipal utility offers progressive working time models that always keep your employees' well-being and development opportunities in mind. In this way, you aggressively address the needs of your future employees and gain a fundamental advantage in the competition for skilled workers.

Thematic focus

These are the questions your clients seek answers for:

Find an exemplary selection of questions that your One-Stop-Shop can answer, for example. In our experience, many of your customers are looking for clear, comprehensive information on these topics.

Energy transition

Essential questions
  • How will the war-related shortages of gas supply affect my prices?
  • Is my municipality’s network reliable enough to ensure heating in the upcoming winter? 
  • Is it feasible for me to invest in private solar power?
  • What heating alternatives are there, and what is the best way to invest in heat pumps?
  • What are my municipal utilities doing to diversify local supplies using green energy?
  • How is my municipality tackling energy and climate-related issues?

Green architecture

Essential questions
  • When and how should I renovate my home?
  • What is a deep renovation, and how is it different from an energy renovation?
  • How can I climate-proof my home?
  • Which building materials are the most durable and climate-friendly?
  • What public financing options are available for my construction project?

Working for public utilities

Essential questions
  • What career options can the public sector offer that the private sector can’t?
  • Which position do I qualify for, and what is currently available?
  • How can I further professionalize when working for a public utility company?
  • What working conditions and payment can I expect?
  • What is the work environment like in public utilities?

New mobility

Essential questions
  • Should I invest in an electric vehicle?
  • What financing options does my community or the state offer?
  • Is the charging infrastructure well developed?
  • What progress is my utility provider or city making on infrastructure, sharing concepts, and public transportation?

The QLab PowerWeek

With maximum efficiency to a
successful one-stop-shop

To produce usable results within the shortest possible time, during the QLab PowerWeek, we apply the agile methods of Design Thinking. These are based on the Design Sprint, which became internationally famous through Google Ventures.

To develop customized solutions that optimally reflect your and your customer's needs is our goal. We work closely with your team to achieve this with your future information platform.

As the name "QLab PowerWeek" suggests, it is a week full of power in which we lay the foundation of your one-stop-shop together.

The QLab PowerWeek is based on the principles of Design Thinking - and can therefore also be applied to any other topic. Whatever your company urgently needs, the QLab creates the basis within one week and quickly develops excellent solutions!

  • Location: The PowerWeek can be held remotely, onsite, or as a hybrid.
  • Duration: 5 working days of 8 working hours each. (9.30 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.)
  • Sprint moderation by the QLab-team
  • Developer team
  • Public utility team
  • End customers who test the product
During the briefing discussion with you, we will determine the following:
  • Exactly what the product should be at the end of QLab PowerWeek.
  • Who from the public utilities takes part in the PowerWeek. We need a maximum of 5 people, including a decision-maker (who does not have to be present all the time), marketing, sales, IT, etc.)
  • Who the test customers are whom we will acquire in advance.
  • Check-in and team building
  • Specifying requirements and outlining solutions
  • Wrap-up
  • Check-in
  • Daily
  • Prototype construction
  • Wrap-up
  • Result: A functional prototype your clients can test.
  • Check-in
  • Testing with public utility customers and getting feedback
  • Wrap-up and specification of next steps


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May we introduce ourselves?
The QLab Team:

We are the QLab Team! We are supported by numerous external cooperation partners who assist us with their expertise.

Boris Gloger, QLab: We build the foundation of your one-stop-shop within a week. We make remote teams happy and successful.

Boris Gloger

CEO, Co-Founder

Boris Gloger is the maestro of agile working. He puts his heart and soul into establishing forms of learning that empower students to learn proactively, organize themselves, and ask the right questions.

Boris is an organizational developer and management consultant who is not afraid to implement visionary ideas. As a passionate cyclist and train traveler, he is convinced that we can create a sustainable future through appropriate mobility solutions.
Andrea Kuhfuss, QLab: We build the foundation of your one-stop-shop within a week. We make remote teams happy and successful.

Andrea Kuhfuss

CEO, Co-Founder

Andrea Kuhfuss is a traveler between different professional worlds. Her path led her from a background in art history to innovation consulting.

She creates networks and connects the perspectives of a wide variety of people. Andrea is an inquisitive generalist who loves to share her knowledge and support individuals, teams and organizations to reach their full potential. Andrea is an expert in innovation, design thinking, and agile working. She travels as a facilitator, speaker, coach and trainer in Germany and abroad. She is convinced that we can only find creative solutions to personal, societal, and global problems by working in multidisciplinary teams.
Patrick Runge, QLab: We build the foundation of your one-stop-shop within a week. We make remote teams happy and successful.

Patrick Runge

Project Management, Business Development

Patrick Runge graduated in International Entrepreneurship, Management & Marketing. Already in mid-2021, he brought his interest in disruption, innovation, and sustainability to our first QLab Sprint.

As a project manager, Patrick prepares our various projects and accompanies the processes. In addition, he shares responsibility for business development at QLab itself. His goal is to advance holistic and sustainable solutions in communities and cities.

Finn Faust, QLab: We build the foundation of your one-stop-shop within a week. We make remote teams happy and successful.

Finn Faust

Research, Blog, Web design

Finn Faust studies psychology at Leiden University and social science at LU Honours College. He is passionate about traveling and following his vision to develop sustainable solutions for local and global human connectivity.

Finn has completed the advanced training Content Strategy for Professionals at Northwestern University and is a design thinker and storyteller. With his notorious curiosity and methodological knowledge, he is responsible for our scientific research, web design, and the QLab blog.


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