Learn all about the QLab Process and how you can apply our principles of innovation in your company.


What will you learn?

Our Coaching training qualifies professionals to master and utilize the tools of Design ThinkingAgility, and New Work effectively.

Specifically, you will become an expert on the methodologies of the QLab Process and be able to organize and perform efficient short-term co-creation sprints with international teams on any challenge a future-oriented company may identify.

Need inspiration? Check out the Project Results of completed QLab sprints!


Our coaching qualification consists of several modules. Some of these modules we also offer as separate workshops.

However, the entire QLab Process is only accessible through this coaching qualification as it includes additional modules you won’t get anywhere else.

Beware: All our products are tailor-made. Just get in touch! We are happy to develop the perfect fit for your needs.


The steps of your coaching qualification

Module 1

Project and Sprint Planning

Learn how to successfully:

  • Set up a project that addresses multidisciplinary, global teams.
Module 2

Recruiting and Onboarding

Learn how to successfully:

  • Engage talented colleagues and other stakeholders for your project.
  • Conduct interviews efficiently and appreciatively.
  • Create the basis for a successful onboarding process for a multidisciplinary group that must become a team quickly.
  • Enable people to connect and trust each other.
Module 3

Vision and Mission

Learn how to successfully:

  • Develop a shared vision.
  • Define crucial milestones.
  • Reach the milestones.
Module 4

Innovation and Co-Creation

You will learn:

  • How to guide your team to find customer and user-oriented solutions.
  • How to apply the Agility Framework to boost your daily work.
  • All about Dailys, Reviews, and Retrospectives by participating in these meetings.
  • How you can utilize the Design Thinking process and mindset.
Module 5

All About Design Thinking

Learn all about the six phases of Design Thinking and the underlying methodologies:

  • Understand: What is the problem you want to solve?
  • Observe: Find out what your customers need.
  • Define: Focus on specific problems you want to solve.
  • Ideate: Develop ideas to solve the specific problem.
  • Prototype: Create a prototype.
  • Test: Let your customers test your ideas and evaluate feedback.
Module 6

Project Wrap up

Learn how to:

  • Meaningfully complete your project.
  • Conduct an appreciative off-boarding.


Learn the QLab Process!

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