Global Collaboration

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Global Collaboration

Create the basis for a successful onboarding process for a multidisciplinary group that needs to become a team quickly.

International teamwork

Let’s get your team working!

Develop customer-centric ideas for new services and products as quickly as possible. Your team consists of people from all over the world coming together digitally every day.

They will have to cooperate in a value-adding manner from day one, even though they don’t know each other. One task vital for success is developing a vision that, ideally, everyone involved can follow.

Value-based work

Working with QLab, you will learn how you:

  • Create the basis for a successful onboarding process for a multidisciplinary group that needs to become a team quickly.
  • Support people to connect and be open.
  • Develop a shared vision.
  • Playfully spread understanding of agile working methods.
  • Create a sense of belonging through the daily check-in, even over thousands of kilometers.
  • Guide your team to find customer and user-oriented solutions for problems.
  • Appreciatingly complete a remote project.


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