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Book tailored hands-on courses on Design Thinking, Storytelling, Value Creation, and the Onboarding Process.

Agile Workshops

What we offer

All our workshops are tailored to your needs. While we have ready-to-apply workshops on Design Thinking, Storytelling, and Advanced Digital Teams, we are happy to provide you with a custom mix of our expertise.

Pricing starts from €599,- per person but depends on your needs, the size of your team, commuting distance, etc.

Just get in touch, we’ll find the perfect solution for you and your team!

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Advanced Digital Teams

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Design Thinking

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Advanced Digital Teams

Let’s get your digital teams to work!

We offer this workshop focused either on forming strong remote teams or building an Innovation Hub with a team that’s strong already.

Remote teams

Help your colleagues worldwide become a great team within the shortest time and create fruitful collaboration in digital surroundings!

Learn how to:

  • Create the basis for a successful onboarding process for a multidisciplinary group that must become a team quickly.
  • Support people to connect and trust each other.
  • Develop a shared vision.
  • Apply agile working methods.
  • Create a sense of belonging through the daily check-in, even over thousands of kilometers.
  • Guide your team to find user-oriented solutions for problems.
  • Appreciatingly complete a remote project. 
  • Choose the most effective tools available.

Innovation Hub

Sensitive to the situation in your company, we support you to develop your own Innovation Hub, where you can share, apply, and multiply knowledge to stay competitive in the future.

Learn how to:

  • Set up the stage for an Innovation Hub. 
  • Buy in decision-makers.
  • Create a shared vision. 
  • Create value for internal and external customers. 
  • Form a team of experts and novices. 
  • Enhance open communication, collaboration, and co-creation. 
  • Work in short iterative cycles. 
  • Gain feedback from your customers. 

All our products are tailored to your needs. We are keen to develop the right setting with you. Please get in touch and discuss your specific needs.

Design Thinking

How experts develop solutions

Do you want to develop user-oriented ideas for new products, processes, or services? Do you want to grow together as a team fast?

Then Design Thinking is your means of choice.

This is Design Thinking

Interdisciplinarity, collaboration, and curiosity to learn without stopping are critical factors for innovation! And Design Thinking makes it possible.

We guide you through the Design Thinking process based on a question relevant to your company’s everyday work. Theoretical impulses are the baseline for interactively experiencing the individual phases in your teams.

Change of perspective, responsiveness, creativity, and empathy for your team members and your customers are in the foreground – so: your attitude matters too!


The six phases of Design Thinking

Design Thinking is an iterative process divided into six phases, which you will experience in the interactive workshop:  

  1. Understand: What is the problem you want to solve?
  2. Observe: Find out, what your customers need.  
  3. Define: Focus on specific problems you want to solve.
  4. Ideate: Develop ideas to solve the specific problem.
  5. Prototype: Create a prototype.
  6. Test: Let your customers test your ideas, gain feedback.

You will learn how to:

  • Define the Design Challenge (What problem do I need to solve?)
  • Find out about the real needs of your customers.
  • Define, who’s problems you need to solve.
  • Develop ideas and prototypes for new services, products, or processes.
  • Test your prototype.
  • Apply the various ideas underlying the Design Thinking process.
  • Grow together as a team.
  • Develop and focus on a common goal.

The method was developed by the computer scientist Terry Winograd, Larry Leifer (Stanford University), and David Kelley (IDEO, Palo Alto). The Hasso Plattner Institute funds research and implementation of this concept as part of the in Potsdam.

All our products are tailored to your needs. We are keen to develop the right setting with you. Please get in touch and discuss your specific needs.


Engage your customers on a new level

Inspire customers for your product or service, make your company palatable to job applicants, and get emotionally closer to your audience during your presentation.

Storytelling is your tool of choice.

This is Storytelling

Sex, crime, and rock ‘n’ roll, that’s what good stories are made of! Besides life and death, love and hate, good and evil, what else is needed to cast a spell over you? What creates images in your head that bring past moments back to life? What brings back memories that even make you taste the strawberries you stole from your grandparents’ garden?

The ability to tell stories has been ingrained in us since time immemorial.


You will learn:

  • About the basics of storytelling through short theoretical inputs, examples, and practical exercises.
  • How to get an overview of structures, themes, and actors that a good story needs.
  • Why the brain loves stories.
  • What role our individual experiences and social and cultural conditions play in storytelling.
  • Why a ‘persona’ (idealistic customer) is important and how to develop one.
  • How to address the feelings of your customers.
  • How to develop story map for your special purpose and audience.

All our products are tailored to your needs. We are keen to develop the right setting with you. Please get in touch and discuss your specific needs.

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Design Thinking: Methodentraining