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We make remote teams happy and successful.

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Remote Teams

We have learned that digital work often decreases companies’ performances and employee satisfaction. There are several reasons for this:

  • Employees feel restrained by managers or cut off from colleagues.
  • Personal, informal conversations at the coffee machine are no longer possible, which makes it challenging to develop a sense of belonging.
  • Often, the team is much more a group of individuals who do not pursue a common goal because a shared vision is missing.

We have the perfect approach for you if you experience similar issues and seek to improve your remote teams’ performances and boost your employee satisfaction!


Success and satisfaction through agile work

In the QLab, we work remotely with all our project partners, clients, young professionals, experts, and politicians. Our established QLab process helps us create trust and a shared vision from day 1, which immensely increases our teams’ productivity.

When sharing our approaches to remote collaboration with you, our goal is to train you and your team so that you can operate and progress independently as quickly as possible. We are also happy to support you in setting up your team in advance.


The QLab Sprint

The basis for our collaborative project, the sprint, is a briefing that clarifies which exact problem you want to solve with your team.

Following the briefing, these are the building blocks to building a happy and successful remote team:

Project start & kick-off
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  • You inform the team intending to clarify the general conditions during the sprint and manage expectations.
  • Moderated presentation of the team members, their competencies, and ambitions.
  • Introduction to agile working methods that promote self-organization and individuals’ responsibility.
  • Introduction to working with digital tools optimal for remote teams.
  • Developing and sharpening a shared vision by reflecting on possible opportunities and obstacles.
  • Definition of resulting tasks and roles.

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Trust and the feeling of belonging are essential for productive, collaborative work. The check-in, which is moderated by the team members themselves from day two onwards, is the daily starting point addressing both needs.

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An efficient meeting of no more than 15 minutes creates security and clarity and gives the team the space to ask for support.

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Another quick 15-minute exchange in the afternoon to coordinate tasks and organizational matters or to reflect on the day.

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Weekly meeting to present interim results, discuss the status quo, and plan next steps. The participation of decision-makers is essential for quick decisions and coordination.

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The frequency of the retrospectives depends on the duration of the sprint. Here the team reflects, moderates the so-far cooperation, and independently develops solutions to problems. This strengthens self-efficacy.

Project completion
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Before the team dedicates itself to new tasks, the project results are presented, and – if necessary – new work packages and responsibilities are defined in a milestone plan. Here the participation of decision-makers is essential.

Let’s party!
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The degree of a project’s completion naturally depends on the project’s scope. Nevertheless, the team should be able to celebrate reaching the finish line of the sprint with a celebration. Yes – this also works digitally!


Meet the Team

We are the QLab team! We are supported by numerous external cooperation partners who support us with their expertise.

Boris Gloger, QLab: We build the foundation of your one-stop shop within a week. We make remote teams happy and successful.
CEO, Co-Founder

Boris Gloger, the maestro of agile working. He puts his heart and soul into establishing forms of learning that empower school children to learn proactively, organize themselves, and ask the right questions.

Boris is an organization developer and management consultant who is not afraid of making visionary ideas a reality. As a passionate cyclist and train traveler, he is convinced that we can create a sustainable future through appropriate mobility solutions.

Andrea Kuhfuss, QLab: We build the foundation of your one-stop shop within a week. We make remote teams happy and successful.
CEO, Co-Founder

Andrea Kuhfuss is a traveler between various professional worlds. Her journey has taken her from a background in art history into innovation consultancy. She creates networks of different individuals and binds them together.

Andrea is an inquisitive generalist who likes to share her knowledge and support both individuals and organizations looking to increase their potential. She is convinced that we can find creative solutions for personal, social, and global problems through collaborative work in multi-disciplinary teams.

Patrick Runge, QLab: We build the foundation of your one-stop shop within a week. We make remote teams happy and successful.
Project Management, Business Development

Patrick Runge graduated in International Entrepreneurship, Management & Marketing at the end of 2021. In mid-2021, he already brought an interest in disruption, innovation, and sustainability to our first QLab Sprint.

As the project manager, Patrick prepares our various projects and accompanies the processes. In addition, he shares responsibility for business development at QLab itself. His goal is to push holistic and sustainable solutions in municipalities and cities.

Finn Faust, QLab: We build the foundation of your one-stop shop within a week. We make remote teams happy and successful.
Research, Blog, Webdesign

Finn Faust studies Psychology at Leiden University and Science & Society at the LU Honours College. He is passionate about traveling and follows his vision to develop sustainable solutions for people’s local and global connectivity.

Finn completed the advanced training Content Strategy for Professionals at Northwestern University and is a Design Thinker and storyteller. He is notoriously curious and responsible for our scientific research, web design, and the QLab blog.

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