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Project Results

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Project Results

Results from the latest QLab Co-Creation Sprints

QLab Think Tank GmbH

Project results

Questions are the starting point for innovation. We support you in asking the right questions and finding many answers.

The QLab innovation process is open-ended but solution-oriented. We create the basis for your future-proof and sustainable company within a short period.

Here you can find the project results of our sprints on ‘Liveable Cities, New Mobility, Green Architecture, and Infrastructure.’

Let yourself be inspired!

Sprint 5: Public utility companies and the energy transition

How may the public utility company of Verden (Germany) position to meet climate goals and ensure their city’s energy supply becomes climate neutral quickly?

Sprint 4: Boosting photovoltaic businesses

How can we support companies in the German Photovoltaic sector in boosting their business operations to increase the speed of energy transition?

Sprint 3: City Trees and Citizen’s Participation

How can we monetize AWATREE’s business model to create a scalable way to save a million city trees through data?

Sprint 2: Sustainability in Construction

How might we contribute to the sustainability of construction projects through agile ways of working?​

Sprint 1: Climate Neutral Fuels

How can we bring the topic of e-fuels to the public in a reflective, transparent, and winning way?

serious cab driver with takeaway coffee and newspaper


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a woman in a blue sweater sitting while holding a blue mug

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